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THE Kenya Wildlife Service says some Narok county residents collude with criminals to poach wild animals.

The county’s KWS senior warden Bernard Koruta said poachers in Maasai Mara Game Park cooperate with some criminals within the area to kill elephants.

He said the poachers use money to entice some residents who help them in killing the animals. Criminals use money to accepting petty cash from selfish persons to kill the animals that bring huge economic benefits in the county.

“Some locals are colluding with poachers who give them money and gifts such as foodstuff to lure them to support their illegal activities,” Koruta said.

He said 80 per cent of the poaching in the park is carried out by the poachers with the help of locals. “Fighting poaching is a challenge to our officers since some locals are involved,” Koruta said.

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