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Govn Tunai meets Nepali delegation



A delegation of top government officials from Nepal met Narok Governor Samuel ole Tunai in his office on Friday. The delegation, led by the Nepali Minister for General Administration Keshav Kumar Budhathoki, was in Kenya to benchmark the successes of the devolved system of Government in Kenya.


Nepal, the Asian country that hosts the world’s tallest mountain, the Everest Mountain, recently changed its constitution and is currently making efforts to learn from countries that have had similar experiences. The meeting with Narok County Governor was the culmination of the delegation’s learning trip to Kenya, which included meetings with the Kenyan Ministry of Devolution and officials from the defunct Transitional Authority and Constitutional Implementation Commission.  


The Governor highlighted to the delegation the success story of devolution in Kenya particularly in the county of Narok. He highlighted the strides made in the health sector and education sector.


The Governor also invited the delegation from Nepal to the 4th devolution conference set to be hosted in the county of Narok in February next year.


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