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  • public notice
    25, Nov 2016

    All residents of Narok County are invited to public forums on Monday 28th November 2016 starting 10:00am to give views and proposals for inclusion in the county budget for financial year 2017/2018.

    The forums will be held at the following venues:

    • CDF Hall in Narok North,
    • Sub-County Hall in Nairege Enkare,
    • ACK Church in Oloolunga,
    • Narok West CDF Hall in Lemek,
    • The Market Centre in Mulot,
    • Sekenani Gate,
    • Kilgoris Town Hall,
    • Church of God in Lolgorian,
    • African Gospel Church in Emurua Dikirr.


  • Govn Tunai meets Nepali delegation
    14, Nov 2016



    A delegation of top government officials from Nepal met Narok Governor Samuel ole Tunai in his office on Friday. The delegation, led by the Nepali Minister for General Administration Keshav Kumar Budhathoki, was in Kenya to benchmark the successes of the devolved system of Government in Kenya.


    Nepal, the Asian country that hosts the world’s tallest mountain, the Everest Mountain, recently changed its constitution and is currently making efforts to learn from countries that have had similar experiences. The meeting with Narok County Governor was the culmination of the delegation’s learning trip to Kenya, which included meetings with the Kenyan Ministry of Devolution and officials from the defunct Transitional Authority and Constitutional Implementation Commission.  


    The Governor highlighted to the delegation the success story of devolution in Kenya particularly in the county of Narok. He highlighted the strides made in the health sector and education sector.


    The Governor also invited the delegation from Nepal to the 4th devolution conference set to be hosted in the county of Narok in February next year.


  • Governor Tunai with fellow governors and Water CS
    13, Oct 2016

    Governor Samuel Ole Tunai has told off opposition leaders on the political future of the county, pointing out that Narok County is a Jubilee zone. Speaking at at Olokirkirai Primary school yesterday, the governor noted that Narok county government has good working relationships with the national government and it is obvious to everyone that President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto have interest of the Maa community at heart.

    Governor Tunai dug into the opposition during a fundraiser in aid of business people who incurred losses in a recent fire disaster.  The governor contributed Ksh1million.

    The governor gave examples of the Jubilee government’s strides in resolving perennial land problems in the county such as the issuance of title deeds in many parts of the county. Title deeds for Kipise group ranch and Ong'ata Naado have already been issued and consultations between the county government and the Lands CS Jacob Kaimenyi have resolved to issue title deeds to all residents in the county before the next general election.

    Governor Tunai also revealed that the County government has requested President Uhuru Kenyatta to waive over Ksh500 million loans owed to Narok farmers by Agricultural Finance Corporation (AFC) and was hopeful the request would be accepted.

  • 10, Oct 2016

    Schools, women and youth groups have been major beneficiaries of Narok Governor Samuel Tunai’s administration and the trend continued over the weekend.  This time, it was Kilgoris Boys High School and Melili Ward’s schools, women and youth groups that saw their fortunes hugely boosted by the governor.

    At a fundraiser held at Murua Primary School in Melili, Governor Tunai led a host of leaders in raising over 11 million for schools, youth, women and people with disabilities groups in the area. Among the leaders at the event were Majority Leader Letulal Ole Masikonde, host MCA Kosiom Ole Lemurt and his colleagues from the County Assembly, MCAs Edward Nchoe of Nakarra Ward and Salankat Memusi Ole Nchoe of Mosiro Ward.

    Later, Governor Tunai led another fundraiser at Kilgoris Boys High School in Shankoe Ward to cater for a school bus, dining hall, furniture and books.  The Governor contributed 3 million and an additional half a million from Deputy President William Ruto. Backing the governor at this event were Kilgoris East MP, Gideon Konchella, Narok East MP Ken Aramat, area MCA Moses Olaimerri Yiampoi, Olmasani MCA Richard Keter and nominated MCA Lucy Lolgojine.


  • 23, May 2016

    Gov Tunai funds Sogoo SchoolsThirteen schools in Sogoo have received a 10 million financial boost from the County Government. The schools – 10 primary schools and 3 secondary schools – received cheques of between 700K and 1 million each from County Governor Samuel Tunai on Thursday May 19.

    Deputy Governor Evalyn Aruasa, Narok County Women MP Soipan Tuya and area MCA Moses Cheruiyot joined the Governor in handing over the funds which will be used to construct or renovate classrooms and other infrastructure in the various schools.

    The primary schools that got 700K each are Kapkatet, Meney, Kwalela,  Tiritap Angwan and Siwot. Those that received 800K each are Tumoiyot,  Emitik, Tarakwai and Kicheba primary schools. Sogoo primary school, where the event took place, got a million.

    The secondary schools that benefited from the cash infusion are Tumoiyot and Siwot, both of which got 800K, and Marinwak which received 700K.

    While addressing the residents, the Governor announced that a contractor has been identified to murram the Ololunga-Sogoo road during this rainy season so as to ease transportation of goods and movement of people. Governor Tunai further revealed that the construction of Sogoo market will commence soon so for area residents to have a better environment to market their goods.



  • Governor Tunai fundraises for Sogoo Women Groups
    20, May 2016

    Gov Tunai boosts Sogoo women groupsGovernor Samuel Tunai on Thursday, May 19, led leaders and residents of Sogoo in raising 3 million for women groups. In a colorful event at Siwot Primary School, the Governor donated 2 million to the various women organizations under the Sogoo Women Networking Group and encouraged them to continue their commendable efforts in social organization and economic empowerment.


    Four other groups representing the disabled - Nkaroni, Kimogoro, Tumoiyot and Sogoo Disabled Groups - received 100K each from the Governor.

    The Governor was accompanied by among others, Deputy Governor Evalyn Aruasa, County Women MP Soipan Tuya and area MCA, Moses Cheruiyot.


    While addressing the residents, the Governor also announced that a contractor has been identified to murram the Ololunga-Sogoo road during this rainy season so as to ease transportation of goods and movement of people. Governor Tunai further revealed that the construction of Sogoo market will commence soon so for area residents to have a better environment to market their goods.

  • Measles vaccination in Narok
    17, May 2016

    The national vaccination campaign against Measles and Rubella has kicked off in Narok County. The vaccination, which is backed by both the national and county government, was launched on Monday, May 16, at DEB Nairege Enkare Primary School.

    Narok Governor Samuel Tunai and the Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Dr. Nicholas Muraguri, joined the primary school pupils, teachers and parents in the colorful event. Also present were Narok County Women MP Soipan Tuya and County Executive in charge of the Health Department, Vivian Sereti.

    The vaccination campaign will now spread to all parts of the county and is mainly targeted at children aged between 9 months and 14 years.

    The Governor urged parents in the county to take advantage of the vaccination campaign so as to protect their children from the debilitating effects of Measles and Rubella. He also took a jibe at those against the much debated Tetanus jab for women aged between 14-49 years, explaining that it is safe and does not make women infertile as has been claimed by some.  The two senior women leaders at the event, CEC for Health, Vivian Sereti and MP Soipan Tuya demonstrated their confidence in the tetanus jab by action – they each took a jab, to the amusement and loud encouragement of the crowd.

    Governor Tunai also announced that the Nairege Enkare Health Centre will be modernized with equipment so as to upgrade the quality of health services in the area.


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