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  • 19, Oct 2015

    Narok County had a big Sunday yesterday as the Suswa historic grounds hosted a record 200 MPs and Senators – besides the host Governor Samuel Tunai, Samburu Governor Moses K. Lenolkulal, Narok deputy Governor Evalyn Aruasa and Nakuru Deputy Governor Joseph Ruto. The event was the prayer rally for Deputy President William Ruto and journalist Joshua Sang who are facing an increasingly controversial case at the International Criminal Court (ICC). Upwards of 90 MCAs from Narok, Nandi, Kajiado, Nakuru and Kisii were also in attendance. That made it the best attended prayer rally for the ICC duo since the current round of prayers began.
    Perhaps inevitably, the rally also saw an incredible number of speakers take to the microphone. From the host MP, Ken Lemanken Aramat to the last speaker, Majority Leader Aden Duale, no less than 82 MPs and Senators addressed the gathering. 
    The Suswa prayer rally was also the first since ICC Judge, Nigerian Chile Eboe-Osuji, inexplicably spoke out on the series of prayer rallies being held to seek divine attention and express dissatisfaction with the way the Ruto-Sang case at the ICC is being handled.
    But if Judge Osuji had expected his veiled reprimand to cow the Jubilee leadership, the Suswa rally put paid his expectations beyond a doubt. Speaker after speaker emphasized that Kenya is a sovereign country where citizens routinely criticize their leaders and institutions – including the Supreme Court, Parliament, the county governments and the presidency – and can therefore not succumb to treating the ICC any differently. All speakers at the rally read the ICC reprimand, which Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen called a ‘msomo’ as a sign that the ICC was feeling the heat of Kenyans opposition to how it is conducting itself and an attempt to intimidate Kenyans into silence.
    Taking cue from the welcome address by host Governor Samuel Tunai, the leaders also pointed out that Kenyans believe in prayers and would therefore continue praying regardless of the court’s discomfiture. The court’s recent decision to admit recanted evidence under Rule 64 was also roundly criticized as being against the basic principle of natural justice. Rule 64, declared Governor Tunai, was an anachronism that did not exist in any other court system, not even in the worst dictatorships.
    An interesting angle to the ICC reprimand also emerged at the rally. In the press statement by all the leaders that was read by Kigumo MP Jamleck Kamau, the leaders pointed out the curiosity of Judge Osuji speaking out on a matter which neither the prosecution nor the defense or the victims lawyer had raised. As explained by Senator Murkomen who is a lawyer, a judge never addresses a matter that has not been moved by a party to a case. Yet Judge Osuji had done exactly that, in effect acting as an interested party to the case rather than a judge.
    The meeting also witnessed a big announcement. As explained by Majority Leader Aden Duale, almost 200 MPs had already signed a petition and delivered it to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for onward transmission to the UN Security Council and ICC Assembly of State Parties. The petition contests the retrospective use of Rule 64 and calls for the activation of the ICC Statute on oversight over the court’s prosecutor and judges. 
    The bottom line: Once again, as has happened many times before, the historic Suswa Grounds – a sacred prayer ground to the Maasai Community – lived to its reputation as the place where major political declarations are made. This time it was the ICC getting a ‘msomo’.

  • 12, Oct 2015

    The grading and gravelling of the 45 km Mutenkuar to Pimbiniet Road in Kilgoris Central is now off the blocks, thanks to the official launch of the project by Governor Tunai. 
    The road project will cover the Nailare, Kilena and Tororek sections, effectively easing transport in most of Kilgoris Central Ward.

  • 12, Oct 2015

    Governor Tunai on Friday led a high powered delegation of leaders in raising 11.8 million for Mutenkuar Secondary School. 
    The governor was joined in the fundraiser by Nairobi County Speaker Alex Ole Magelo, Narok Deputy Speaker Ketuyio Otuni, Kilgoris Central ward MCA Tompo Kuya, Kimintet MCA Kijape Tunai and Nairobi County Chief Officer Simon Leboo Morintat.
    The governor contributed 1.5 Million and promised residents to return in a few weeks time to launch milk coolants in the ward.

  • 09, Oct 2015

    Narok Governor Samuel Ole Tunai yesterday gave the County Assembly of Narok a glimpse of the investments expected to feature at the County’s investment summit – investNarok Summit – scheduled  for mid next month.

    The governor told a packed assembly that he had received firm investment undertakings from several investors during his recent investment lobbying trips to the United Arab Emirates, India and the United States. Among the investments that he discussed with investors – and for which negotiations are at an advanced stage – include meat processing, contract farming, potato processing, medical supplies and educational facilities.

    The governor made the announcement during his third State of County Address to the Narok County Assembly. He was received at the Assembly by the County Speaker, Nabulu Kamwaro and a guard of honor mounted by the County Rangers.   

    Governor Tunai also informed the Assembly of the various measures that his administration has undertaken in various sub-sectors. Among the notable achievements that he enumerated is the employment of additional medical staff, disbursement of bursaries and construction of classrooms, school dormitories, dining halls and administration blocks across the County. Also mentioned were road infrastructure developments, the Narok water supply project and the revamping of the management of the Maasai Mara Game Reserve.

    Governor Tunai’s address was also heavy in reconciliation and a call for unity of purpose between the two arms of the County government and across the county’s political divide. He recalled in passing the political upheavals that had gripped the county earlier this year and thanked the people of Narok for demonstrating tolerance and resilience during that period. The governor reiterated his commitment to serve all the people of Narok irrespective of their ethnic or political backgrounds and assured the County assembly of his continued support.

    The imminent El Nino rains also featured prominently in the governor’s address. The governor revealed that the county government was constructing 12 flood check dams and a series of water pans to control the flood waters from the Olopito area. Three check dams and five water pans are nearing completion in the Ntimama dam area in the outskirts of the town.


    The county has also set up a Disaster Management Committee and sub-county disaster management committees that are closely liaising with the County Commissioner’s office.

  • 09, Oct 2015

    Narok County today became the first County government to respond to the recent plea by the judiciary for devolved governments to donate land for the expansion of judiciary services.

    In a brief ceremony at the County Headquarters in Narok, Governor Tunai handed over a letter confirming the donation of an acre of prime land within Narok town to the Chief Registrar of the Judiciary, Anne Amadi.

    The land will be used to construct a new High Court Branch. Currently, Narok residents have to travel to Naivasha in neighbouring Nakuru County for High Court services. Governor Tunai caused laughter by noting that Nakuru County already has another High Court branch in Nakuru town – and that upwards of 70 percent of the cases at the Naivasha branch are from Narok.

    The governor also informed the Chief Registrar that the judiciary’s new approach of meting custodial sentences to poaching convicts is having a noticeable deterrent impact.  

    Chief Registrar Amadi assured the governor that the construction of the new court would begin before the end of the year. She revealed that the judiciary has resolved to have High Court branches in the 13 counties that currently lack the service and thanked Narok for being the first county to donate land for the setting up of a court.

    In response to a request by the Chief Registrar, Governor Tunai also undertook to find appropriate land for the construction of residences for judicial staff. 


    The Chief Registrar was accompanied by newly posted Narok Chief Magistrate Wibrodah Juma and Narok Magistrate Allan Sitati.

  • 07, Oct 2015

    Five flood check dams and three water pans will be completed this week on the outskirts of Narok town as the county prepares for the El Nino deluge. The announcement was made by Deputy President William Ruto during an inspection tour of the construction sites yesterday.


    An additional ten check dams will be completed by the Narok County Government further upstream of the flood path that cuts through Narok town.


    The Deputy president also announced that the national government will prioritize the construction of a full-fledged dam to be known as the Narok Dam in the next financial year to permanently resolve the threat of floods in Narok. The dam will also provide a reservoir of water for irrigation and livestock farming for area residents. 


    The construction of the dams and water-pans is being undertaken jointly by the County Government of Narok and the national government in what marks a turning point in the prevention of floods in Narok.  Unlike in the past when flood prevention was limited to clearing the flood paths, a joint committee of the national and county government settled on a strategy of deploying control dams and water pans as a way of taming the flood waters before they reach the town. 


    A contingent of 200 NYS personnel will also be on the ground in Narok during the rainy season as part of a rapid response emergency team. Up to a thousand local youth, medical staff and flood management experts will join the team.


    The Deputy President was accompanied by Water and Irrigation CS, Eugene Wamalwa and Narok County Governor Samuel Tunai.


    The inspection tour by the Deputy President came a day after Governor Tunai and the new Narok County Commissioner, Afande Mutindika, spent the larger part of the day verifying the county’s readiness for the imminent rains.


    Among the measures already in place is the widening and reinforcing of the existing storm drainage system along the main flood path. The concrete-reinforced drainage tunnels that hug the town’s main road have similarly been repaired.


    In a public address at the Majengo Grounds yesterday, the Deputy President also reiterated the message that the government has been making across the nation in the count-down to the El Nino rains: the forecasted massive rains are for real and everyone should take all necessary precautions.


    In his address, the Governor Tunai also appealed to residents of Narok town and other parts of the county that are known to be prone to flooding – such as Suswa and Nairagie-Enkare – to be extra-cautious and be ready to temporarily move to safer grounds. Livestock and other possessions should be similarly kept away from flood paths.



    While assuring his constituents that the check dams and water-pans will hugely reduce the impact of flooding in Narok, the Governor noted that the precise magnitude of the expected deluge was still unclear and may well necessitate additional measures. 

  • 06, Oct 2015

    Five flood check dams and three water pans will be completed this week on the outskirts of Narok town as the flood prone county prepares for the El Nino rains.


    Speaking during an inspection tour of the construction sites yesterday, Narok County Governor Samuel Tunai said the dams and water-pans will hold back about 80 percent of the flood waters that typically threatens the town during the rainy season.


    The Governor also announced that an additional ten water pans will be completed within the week further upstream of the flood path that leads into Narok town.


    Existing flood paths through the town are also being widened and deepened to further ease the flow of water. Work on reinforcing the huge trenches with concrete was ongoing as the press joined the Governor on the inspection tour.


    The town’s drainage system, particularly along the town's main road, has also been redone after the floods that ravaged the town in April this year. Over 15 people perished at the time after floods swept away cars and destroyed buildings.


    The governor was accompanied by the new Narok County Commissioner, Afande Mutindika and a host of MCAs and other local leaders.


    The construction of the dams and water-pans is being undertaken jointly by the County Government of Narok and the national government in what marks a landmark in the prevention of floods in Narok.  Unlike in the past when flood prevention was limited to clearing the flood paths, a joint committee of the national and county government settled on control dams and water pans as a way of taming the flood waters before they reach the town. 


    Following expert advice from the committee, the County Government set aside Ksh200 million to construct a chain of dams and water pans in all the flood prone areas of the county.  The first five dams and three water-pans have been constructed specifically in anticipation of the heavy rains expected from the imminent El Nino rains.


    A proposal to relocate the town to higher grounds was shelved after it become clear that it was not only uneconomical and likely to take years but also unnecessary.


    Governor Tunai also called on residents of Narok town and other parts of the county that are known to be prone to flooding such as Suswa and Nairagie-Enkare to be cautious and take all necessary measures to avoid being caught in the floods.  While assuring his constituents that the check dams and water-pans will hugely reduce the impact of flooding in Narok, he noted that it was still unclear how serious the El Nino will be. He asked all those at risk to temporarily move to safer areas and keep their livestock and other possessions away from flood paths.

  • 22, Sep 2015

    Make a date with the County Government of Narok tomorrow, Wednesday 23, 2015, and contribute to this year’s budget plan. In accordance with the law, the County Government will be taking citizens views on this year’s county budget – The Finance Bill 2015 – in various places across the County.
    All the meetings will take place at the same time – at 9.30 AM – on Wednesday 23, 2015 at the following places: Narok Town CDF Hall ; Nairagie-Enkare Sub County Office; Ololulunga Catholic Church; Lemek CDF Hall; Sekenani Gate; Mulot Catholic Church; Kilgoris Town Hall; Lolgorian Catholic Church; and Emurua-Dikirr African Gospel Church.

    Be there!

  • 03, Sep 2015

    Narok County is overhauling its revenue collection system to embrace automation and a revised range of revenue streams. The position of a Director of Revenue Collection has been established and will be filled within the next one month. At the same time, the internal audit office will be strengthened to match the needs of all departments and sub-county offices.

    The new measures are part of the decisions reached by a financial management strategic planning meeting of the county’s top brass that closed yesterday in Naivasha. The meeting was attended by the County’s CECs, Chief Officers and key staff from Finance, Internal Audit, IT and the Governor’s office. 

    County Governor, Samuel Tunai, opened the meeting on Monday with a firm directive for the meeting to make a clean break with the past and craft an efficient, transparent and cost-effective system of revenue collection that will maximize on the county’s potential.

    The Governor also directed that the new system has to be in place and working within weeks.  As a start, he ordered that each CEC would henceforth submit a monthly written briefing on the state of revenue collection in their docket, service delivery and projects implementation.

    The Governor underlined the seriousness of his intent to change things with a brunt warning to all staff, particularly senior staff, to shape up or ship out. Those who will not embrace the new revenue collection and financial management system – and those who fail to maintain a professional work ethic, including working without supervision and observing the necessary level of confidentiality – will be shown the door.

    Among the new measures is the setting up of revenue targets pegged on a study of existing revenue streams. Besides automation, revenue collection staff will be incorporated into a new, fully reorganized and rationalized structure with strict supervision and enforcement mechanism.

    In addition, a raft of recommendations from the Auditor General Report will be adopted alongside proposals made by an internal committee that has been studying the problem. They include development – and circulation to all accounting officers – of new internal guidelines on revenue collection and financial management within a month, plus a revamped reporting and enforcement template.


    The County’s new Finance CEC, Morgan Siloma, will be leading the implementation of the new revenue collection and financial management regime.

  • 01, Sep 2015

    Governor Tunai Signals Major Changes in the Financial Management of Narok County


    The Governor of Narok, Samuel Tunai, yesterday opened a strategy meeting of the county’s financial managers with a raft of tough directives to overhaul the county’s financial management system.


    Speaking barely a week after reshuffling his Cabinet, the Governor made it clear in his opening remarks that he expects the strategy meeting to mark a turning point in how the county’s revenues are collected and spent. “After this workshop…I want strict internal guidelines fashioned on the provisions of PFM Act to be circulated in every department and to every accounting officer. There must also be clear reporting templates developed and circulated within the next one month.”

    The Governor directed the meeting to focus on four issues: managing capital, managing operating expenses across the departments, managing debt and financial management capability.

    The result must be an integrated system of revenue collection and operating expenses that will have set roles and responsibilities for the finance department, each department dealing with a particular revenue stream, sub-county offices and the internal audit section. “If we get it right in financial management, we will get it right in executing all necessary plans captured in the CIDP in the stipulated time” declared the Governor.

    Governor Tunai also put on notice all county employees involved in financial management including revenue collection, project implementation and release of funds to the various departments.

    While reassuring everyone that there would be no victimization, the Governor warned all county financial managers against laxity and any unprofessional behavior. “It will no longer be OK to have field travels delayed because of laxity in the finance department” said the Governor. “It will no longer be OK to collect 25% of revenue from the Mara”

    The Governor also directed that, going forward, he will expect a monthly written briefing on the state of projects and implementation from each CEC.

    Yesterday’s session was attended by Chief Officers from the all the county departments alongside key staff from Finance, Internal Audit, IT and the Governor’s office. Newly appointed Finance CEC, Morgan Siloma led the proceedings with the help of Tax and Fiscal Consultant, Philip Korir.

    On Tuesday, all CECs are expected to join the strategy retreat to be appraised of the new financial management system – and to propose any necessary changes before the new system is put to effect.


    The retreat comes amid heightened preparations for the Narok Investment Summit scheduled for November this year.

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