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  • 28, Apr 2015

    Pursuant to the Constitution of Kenya 2010 (Articles 185 (2), 186(1) and 187(2) on distribution of functions between the National Government and the County Governments Act No. 17 of 2012; the Narok County Public Service Board invites applications from suitably qualified persons to fill the following vacant positions.

  • 14, Apr 2015

    Narok County Governor Samuel Tunai toured the Narok referral hospital to check the state of the hospital and its operations. On his visit, he promised to engage the relevant departments in his government to procure more facilities to improve service delivery.
    This is in an effort to fulfill his promise to the wanainchi of world class health care, affordable to all.
    Whilst in the tour that was viewed by many as a success, he went on to give a stern warning to employees of the county in the health department to pull up their socks and serve the citizens.
    He applauded the selfless effort of the medical personnel

  • 14, Apr 2015

    On 8th April 2015, Narok County Governor Samuel Tunai together with the health CS James Macharia signed a memorandum of understanding with the national government on leasing of medical equipment and other related services launched by President Uhuru Kenyatta earlier in the year.

  • 14, Apr 2015

    Narok County Transformation - After Friday 13th reshuffle and new appointments, all County Executives and Chief Officers attended performance management training by Deloitte.On 26th March 2015, Narok county executives signed performance contracts. The performance contract will be measured on a quarterly basis with a reward and a sanction scheme.

  • 14, Apr 2015

    The governor of Narok county Samuel ole Tunai speaking at Mulot area during the burial of Jessica Cherono Langat who was killed during a terrorist attack on Garissa University College. She was a 2nd year student persuing a bachelor of business management administration. She left behind 5 siblings. The county government has offered full sponsorship to two of her siblings. Governor Tunai said he will settle all hospital bills incurred by students from Narok county who were injured in the attack and are admitted in various hospitals in Nairobi. The county government will also pay their fees in the various universities where they will be readmitted. Governor Tunai condemned attack and said the national government should involve the devolved government in matters concerning security.

  • 14, Jan 2015

    Samuel,the disabled table tennis champion,from Narok County has represented the county and the country in extension in several international tournaments.

    The county has been very supportive and in December 2014,he was fully sponsored to visit Germany where he acted as an ambassador of good will.

    He managed to collect a lot of materials and equipment used by the disabled.

    He has also attended a couple of international tournaments and now stands as one of the best table tennis players in his category.

    Ole Lemurt intends to empower all the disabled through his organization, Osiligi Active Disabled Network,which is fully registered  by the department of social services.

    Through well wishers,he has been able to empower fellow people who are physically challenged by donating crutches,wheel chairs and walking sticks to them.

    More of this assistive devices are on being shipped through his organization. 

    He is determined to elevate the status of his fellow physically challenged so that they can fend for themselves and provide for their families

    He is a champion of human rights,through motivational talks in universities and other institutions.



  • 17, Dec 2014

    Application is now open at   and




    Where Talents Meets The Public Service

    The Presidential Digital Talent Programme is a transformative initiative which aims at building within Government capacity in ICT technical and ICT management skills which would enable the Government meet its service delivery objectives for all Kenyans.

    Through this initiative the Government through the Ministry of Information, Communication and Technology (MoIC) is looking for young talented Kenyans with passion for ICT and public service to participate in this 12 month programme as management trainees.

    Application is now open at: and

    @digitalentke Applications are now open on ,

    §   #Digitalent254:2. It is an honor  to be part of the PDTP PROGRAM

     @Digitalentke is looking for 100 interns to be part of the  inaugural

    §   Presidential Digital Talent Programme, apply on:  ,


    §   we are happy to support young talent through the Presidential  Digital Talent Programme #digitalent254

  • 12, Dec 2014

    Hon Soipan Kudate,the women representative for Narok County in the National Assembly has this morning visited women TOTs from Narok county who have been on a one week training on income generating activities in Kabete,Kiambu county
    She was be received by the the chief officer for gender,youth and social services,Jane Psiwa who has been with the women all through their training.
     She encouraged women to organize themselves into groups and self help groups for them to realize meaningful development and have access to loans,like uwezo,and women enterprise funds
    She also promised to woo development partners who will work closely with the women to set up income generating projects in a bid to empower women of Narok county.
    She assured the women that she is working closely with county departments in ensuring that the women agenda is addressed.

    Jane Psiwa also promised to closely work with the women in actualizing projects learnt for a sustainable economy

    She has promised to closely work with partners and financing institutions such as uwezo and women enterprise fund to make it easy for the women of Narok access funds to set up farms that conform to modern farming methods.

    She assured the women that HE the governor  is backing up this gigantic project meant to alleviate the women of Narok County from poverty and make them enterprising.



  • 11, Dec 2014

    Marley Sianto Sikawa has made Narok county,and in extension the whole country proud by winning MISS TOURISM AFRICA in the global competetion held in Venezuela.

    She beat all the other African contestants and stood uniquely tall,beautiful and elegant in the finals that happened on 10th Dec 2014.

    With the ailing Tourism sector caused by the current insecurity in the country,Sianto has broadcasted to the whole world that Narok County,and Kenya as a whole is one of the best tourist destinations in the whole world.


  • 01, Dec 2014

    Many development agencies are increasing their emphasis on assisting women to secure income through their own efforts. Such approaches are often categorized as `income-generating activities' and cover initiatives as diverse as small business promotion, cooperative undertakings, job creation schemes, agriculture,credit and savings groups and youth training programmes. 
    `income-generating activities' is considered as those initiatives that affect the economic aspects of people's lives through the use of economic tools such as farming .Other types of support affecting women's production are considered complementary to income-generating activities. For example, these might include child care or basic services provision and labour-saving technologies.
    Women TOTs representing all the wards in the county were ferried to kabete for a 6 day training on Income Generating Activities.
    The intensive training touches many topics,including dairy farming,bee keeping,biogas production,tree nursery establishment,poultry farming and fish farming
    This represents the first phase of 85 women nominated from various wards in Narok county who will be trained and given elaborate examples to enable the train other women in their respective wards.
    After the training,the women will tour different farms to experience the actual farming.
    The second and last phase will be trained as from next week.
    This noble project ,fully sponsored by the county government of Narok through the department of youth and social services headed by its able chief officer Mrs.Jane Psiwa.
    The entourage of county officers  included mr. Lemein,Selina,Esther Malaso,Njapit among others.

    this training was facilitated by prestige management solutions limited, a contracted consulting company that will take the woment through upto implementation of the projects they intend to establish.

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