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  • 05, Nov 2014

    The Narok county governor.HE Samuel Ole Tunai yesterday launch 11 ambulance to serve the entire county.

    The state of the art ambulance,being managed by the Kenya Red Cross will give a huge relieve to the common mwanainchi given the fact that the services will all be free.

    Present during the launch was the secretary general of Red Cross in kenya Dr Abass Gullet who assured the residents of Narok county that the ambulances will provide indisputable services.

    The huge celebrations were attended by a huge delegation of county leaders and wanaichi who applauded the county government  through the able leadership of HE Ole Tunai for accomplishing this great milestone in the CIDEP.

    In the same gathering,the governor promised the citizens that the tenders for rehabilitation and construction health facilities in the entire county is soon commencing as contractors have already been awarded tenders and the he will soon launch the multi million projects that will change the entire health sector.


  • 04, Nov 2014

    Reference is made to the advertisement for the various job opportunities. The County Government of Narok through the County Public Service Board is pleased to invite the following shortlisted candidates for oral interviews to be conducted on the dates and time indicated against their names.

  • 30, Oct 2014

    The director in charge of youth affairs in the office of the governor,Joel Ole Tarakwai has organized a youth focused training on a wide range of topics touching on different challanges that the youth of Narok County go through.

    The workshops that started yesterday in Duka Moja will be done in all sub counties in the county.

    The topics being handled are meant to empower the youth and make the aware of the opportunities that they have in government which include uwezo fund,tenders and the youth development fund.

    The Duka Moja meeting saw a multitude of young enterprising citizens throng the venue,thirsty for information.

    The director of youth was accompanied by the CEO for Bursaries Mr.Keriolale who promised the youth that he will ensure that they get scholarships to get driving instructions and get licensed to drive.


  • 24, Oct 2014

    UNESCO @ 50 celebrations 2014 are being held at KICC 

    Narok County was well represented with a colorful stand all thanks to the department of education, sports and culture.

    The representation led by the chief officer Jane Psiwa, Swanya and a delegation from all over the county who have been sponsored by their government to display art and culture, way of life and all other aspects of our beloved county.


    The Narok stand, which stood majestically, superior to the rest straight from its arrangement and representation, clearly standing out from the rest. This made a statement of the seamless organization.

    The KNUT secretary general applauding the organisation of the stand.

  • 22, Oct 2014

    The second edition of the MISS TOURISM beauty pageant happened this weekend at LOITA PLAINS hotel.

    This years event was organized by the office of the first lady,Mrs Sarah Tunai, The office of the governor and the ministry of tourism through the CECm for tourism HON Allan Twala.

    The spectacular event which was attended by multitudes of wanainchi of all calibers,who represented the whole county was one of a kind and full of surprises.

    There were performances from a wide range of musicians from within the county and national ones.These included Wyre,Size8,Ole Sena,Maryanne Naipaso among others.

    Contrary to what everybody expected,the entry fees were waived by the county government as a way of encouraging everyone to attend this very important function.

    The governor,who was the chief guest graces the occasion with a bag full of goodies,which changed the whole event for a happy ending.

    While the winner took home a whopping 100,000 , the other beauties also took home money from the governors goodies bag.

    The 1st runners up went home with 75,000, the third runners up going home with 50,000 and the other contestants bagging 25000 shillings each.

    The best represented sub county was Transmara which was awarded with a Rhino Shield.

    The crowned winner was Stephanie Naserian Dikir,A 23 year old 4th year bachelor of commerce student studying at Kenyatta University .




  • 22, Oct 2014

    The governor of Narok county,H.E Samuel Ole Tunai wishes all the candidates sitting this years exams success

    Here is an E shot of the success card he sent to all schools in the county

  • 14, Oct 2014

    The Lions Club international through  the lions Thika,Chania falls club visited the county head quarters and had audience with the CEC for education,Hon Ezekiel Rono.

    They later on had a chance to see the governor.

    The club ,which has invested a total of Ksh.17 million to construct a modern dormitory and dinning hall  in a local remote school in suswa called ilkeek aare.

    The governor applauded the club for investing in Education which is key as enshrined in the CIDEP.

    The governor promised to support the noble project by committing 3 million shillings.

    During the same forum,he hinted on plans by his government to donate a total of 500 million to various schools in the county for projects.


  • 15, Aug 2014

    Welcome to the launch of miss tourism narok 2014 launch to be held at MASAI MARA UNIVERSITY  on 15th of Aug 2014 from 5 PM

    This years event is dubbed "The Beauties of Masai Mara Pageant "

  • 08, Aug 2014

    The Cabinet Secretary for Agriculture Hon Felix Kosgey is expected to tour some regions of the county among them,Mosiro and Naroosura

    He will be accompanied by an entourage of Government officials and Hosted by Our governor,Hon Samuel ole Tunai.


  • 28, Jul 2014

    Distinguished Ladies & gentlemen


    At this time 2 years ago, it would have been unthinkable to have healthcare professionals meet in Narok, to discuss the most pressing healthcare concerns of our healthcare landscape, and on how we can improve the state of affairs of the medical practitioners and health service delivery for the people of Narok.

    This has been made possible by the Constitution of Kenya 2010 that made devolution a living reality, and among other key governance issues, devolved health care to county governments.

    I stand here in full admiration of the diligent health workers in Narok County; doctors, nurses and clinical officers who daily risk their personal safety, as well as their families’, in the line of duty, healthcare workers who bravely soldier on and continue the fight at the frontline taking care of patients and ensuring that there is no disruption in the provision of health services to our people.

    I stand here knowing that Narok County still faces grooves of challenges in healthcare service delivery. So we meet here today because the concerns of our health workers are the concerns of the Narok County government. We meet here this afternoon because the cries of Narok residents can no longer be muted by the presence of health facilities alone.

    So this afternoon we meet in full appreciation that we have got more work to do. We have more work to do because the state of our healthcare in this county is disappointing. We meet at the main district hospital that itself has a sad story to tell.

    The state of our emergency preparedness and response measures are disappointingly low and weak. If the misfortune of an average medical emergency was to happen, our health facilities will be overwhelmed, and our health care professionals would be strained beyond imagination.

    This sad state of affairs spells out to us how we are at the brink of collapse in our healthcare services. The imminence of such tragedy is not something we should look forward to. That is what this meeting is all about.

    First it must not be lost on us that health is a fully devolved function, and the Narok County government therefore must take full responsibility of the state of our healthcare services. That is why we are working with a singular healthcare vision to make sure that the challenges that existed before devolution must not continue.

    We all need to share the optimism of Narok County in momentously improving healthcare, so that we can triumph over the menace of preventable diseases that are claiming many lives.

    Narok County has made the necessary effort to purchase drugs from KMA to make sure that all hospitals and dispensaries in Narok County have the necessary drugs and equipment. Healthcare is one of the defining pillars of our time, and my administration’s focus.

    It matters to us when an expectant mother accesses necessary healthcare without the worry of losing her baby, or when an old man accesses treatment that is timely without waiting on the line for too long.

    I regret the fact that too many of our county residents have been failed by our weak healthcare system, and some have lost faith to the extent that they seek medical attention elsewhere. Over time our health care system has failed the test of time, and when our residents succumb to illnesses that can be prevented or treated, our healthcare system is put to the test.

    Time has come that this trend has to change. We must appreciate that the old way of doing things is gone, and must now embrace new ways.

    If some among you would watch as medicines disappear from pharmacy shelves through the long hands of irresponsible staff motivated by greed, we must make sure that now we hold each other to account.

    You must be the able gate-keepers of our health facilities and healthcare. The change we seek in healthcare cannot be achieved if you do not rise to be the change agents for good healthcare both in words and deeds.

    You are capable of achieving peaks of excellence and earning the recognition of our country. At the individual level, most of you have attained impressive levels of proficiency. However, there is room for progress, particularly in building up the intermediate and long-term care sector and casualty sector, as well as providing more integrated, patient-centric care.

    As a county government we are working to rehabilitate and expand our healthcare facilities, and upgrade this hospital to a referral hospital. We shall buy more drugs and equip our health facilities even more, and employ more doctors to meet the growing demands of health services in Narok County.

    Some of you have stayed for too long in your duty stations, and this has largely compromised efficiency. It has become necessary that in the weeks and months ahead we shall effect transfers among you.

    As a county government we are keen to improve your working conditions and ensure that you get equal pay to equal work and skills. We shall facilitate essential training programmes to enhance your skills the more so that your local services may measure up to the standards of practice globally.

    The county government will acquire more ambulances to meet whatever cases of emergency that may rise, so that every effort may be made to save life.

    We will listen to you each time you speak to us, but we shall also expect that you will execute your duties remarkably and with unrivalled passion and commitment.

    We cannot settle for less. A lapse in healthcare service delivery is a highway to tragedy in Narok County. There must be no room for irresponsibility or excuses that feed incompetence in health care services.

    It really should not be in the interest of any health worker to be less committed to their work. Your services are critical to the people, and we shall work with you to make your services better.

    This county needs inimitable teamwork involving well trained and committed healthcare professionals who engage patients and their families, to deliver care with empathy and sacrifice.

    Yours is not a job but a calling. My administration will have to make hard choices on healthcare services, and so must you. The people expect so much from you and so does the county government just as much as the world at large. The happiness of our people is not possible without efficiency and confidence in health care.

    Our vision for the health sector in Narok County spells out our commitment to build capacity to improve access to health services, and how we will introduce new models of care to improve the quality and outcome of healthcare services, as well as how we will enhance our financing framework to keep healthcare affordable to all the residents of Narok County.

    To those who will rise to give their best in healthcare service delivery, Narok County will always remember your courage, dedication and sacrifice. We will honour our healthcare professionals, administrators and support officers, for commitment to quality care and excellence in service.

    From this moment on, let us heed the new awakening, fold our sleeves and get down to work. Our goals are many and they are urgent. The demands of devolution ensure that our county’s responsibilities are not transferable, and it is mandatory to shoulder every responsibility for the hope of better days.

    Thank you all.


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