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  • 30, Jun 2014
    Prequalification for supply of goods and services for financial year 2014/2015.
  • 27, Jun 2014

    The Narok County Government through the assembly has passed a law barring all lodges and hotels inside the Mara from selling curios. The activity has been left to benefit the locals who have for a long time not benefited from the business.

    The law,which is yet to be effected,will see an economic growth among the women who take their time to make these items.

    This is just a move among many more by the county government to protect the citizens from unfair competition.

  • 28, May 2014



    Reference is made to the advertisement for the various job opportunities that appeared in the Daily Nation Newspaper on 19th December, 2013. The County Government of Narok through the County Public Service Board is pleased to invite the attached shortlisted candidates for oral interviews to be conducted on the dates and time indicated against their names.


  • 23, May 2014

    The Narok County Assembly has been notified by the office of H.E. the Governor of Narok County of the nomination of the persons for appointment to office of Chief Officers. Consequently, Pursuant to the Provisions of Article 179 (2) of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 as read together with section 35 of the County Government Act 2012 the following listed nominees to the respective office of the Chief Officers are invited to appear before the relevant Sectoral County Assembly Committees at the Assembly chambers for vetting on Tuesday 3rd June 2014 at the date and time indicated in  below:-


  • 26, Mar 2014

    The Narok country Government has launched a Sh50 million livestock vaccination programme against foot and mouth disease, anthrax and other livestock diseases.

    County livestock farmers have suffered losses in the last four months when their herds were affected by the killer foot and mouth disease.

    Governor Samuel Tunai said the exercise in all the six subcounties will cost Sh10 million in the first phase and Sh21 million in the second.


  • 26, Mar 2014

    NAROK government has disbursed medicine worth Sh10 million bought from Kenya Medical Supplies Agency. The medicine will be distributed to all public hospitals, health centres and dispensaries in the county.

    During the flagging off at the county offices yesterday, Governor Samuel Tunai said they have partnered with Kemsa to supply the medicine every month.

    He said they have signed an MoU with Kemsa. Tunai said the county government will ensure the medicines are distributed to the all parts of the county to benefit every resident.


  • 26, Mar 2014

    The Narok government has reiterated its commitment in conserving and improving Masai Mara Game Reserve to attract more tourists. Trade executive Allan Twala said the county government is keen in ensuring that the lodges in the area are registered and meet international standards.

    "Plans to reduce illegal camps in the reserve are underway as the presence of many camps scares wild animals," Twala said. Speaking to the Star on Wednesday, he blamed the former County Council for allowing many camps at the expense of the animals.

    Twala said elephants, rhinos and zebras are still being poached. He said the county government will import security personnel from Israel to train the game rangers on how to protect the animals. "They will also be trained on international customer service so as to improve services in the reserve," Twala said. He said anyone found poaching will face the law.

  • 25, Feb 2014

    THE Kenya Wildlife Service says some Narok county residents collude with criminals to poach wild animals.

    The county’s KWS senior warden Bernard Koruta said poachers in Maasai Mara Game Park cooperate with some criminals within the area to kill elephants.

    He said the poachers use money to entice some residents who help them in killing the animals. Criminals use money to accepting petty cash from selfish persons to kill the animals that bring huge economic benefits in the county.

    “Some locals are colluding with poachers who give them money and gifts such as foodstuff to lure them to support their illegal activities,” Koruta said.

    He said 80 per cent of the poaching in the park is carried out by the poachers with the help of locals. “Fighting poaching is a challenge to our officers since some locals are involved,” Koruta said.

  • 25, Feb 2014

    Nairobi, Kenya: The Meteorological Department has said the rains experienced in some parts of the country are off-season rains resulting from a tropical cyclone track formation on the Indian Ocean.

    Peter Ambenje, a meteorologist, said the rains would continue to fall in parts of the country, especially Nairobi, parts of Central Province and lower eastern for days.

    Mr Ambenje said for the next one week, the country would experience off-season rainfall in Nairobi, Kajiado and parts of eastern Narok.

    He, however, said by mid-week there would be a reduction of rain, but areas around Makindu and southern Kitui would have average rainfall.

  • 25, Feb 2014

    Three people died at Duka Moja area along the Narok-Mai Mahiu road in a grisly road accident involving a trailer and a saloon car. All the occupants of the saloon vehicle which was traveling towards Narok town died on the spot, police said. “The driver of the saloon car was trying to overtake moments before the accident. The lorry driver which was travelling at a high speed tried to apply breaks but unfortunately, it was late,said Grace Kakai, the outgoing Narok County Police Commander.

    Police and the public had difficult time in retrieving bodies of the victims which were trapped in the mangled wreckages. A week ago, three people died in the same spot when a lorry whose driver had lost control of it, rammed onto another that was stationary. The driver has since been charged in a Narok court with causing deaths through reckless driving.

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